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Lucky 32 – love that Greensboro tradition

Your Greensboro food bloggers hit Lucky 32 tonight because, well, we didn’t feel like cooking… Lame excuse, but a great Greensboro restaurant in which to land! Lucky 32 at is located at 1421 Westover Terrace.

Some of the fun features at this place include the Seasonal Menu. My husband had not visited Lucky 32 before, so we stuck with a new entrée and a standby on the regular menu. Drinkage was a crisp Fume Blanc, brought out in funny little carafes. Why do they do this?

My entrée, Grilled Salmon with a Texas Pete Glaze, was nicely done. The waitperson did not ask how I wanted it prepared, so it came out about medium well – well done. Not what I would have asked for, but very good. The Beans and Kale Greens were delish, particularly with green Tabasco. Best tasting item on the plate was, surprise, the creamy grits. Lovely texture, not too thick, rich, or salty. 003

“Salmon swim against my stream of consciousness.”
Jarod Kintz, Who Moved My Choose?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change by Deciding to Let Indecision Into Your Life (because we are all about indecisiveness).


My husband selected Catfish – the waitperson’s favorite dish. It was yummy. Nice color, large portion size and fried just right with a cornmeal breading. He also selected the Beans and Greens and Macaroni and Cheese. The Mac and Cheese was lukewarm, when, at this price, should have been hot. Wasn’t a big enough oversight to send back, but just saying.

It would be a southern sin to not recognize the perfectly ripe tomato on our side salad….a thing of Greensboro perfection. Don’t tell me if this tomato was not growing in the ground yesterday – I don’t want to spoil my disillusionment.


It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.” Lewis Grizzard

Nice décor, with cool light fixtures. The ambiance is good. We were seated at a high traffic table, but with the way the parking lot was packed, we were happy to be seated at all. A big crowd for a Wednesday night. Lots of seniors. Seated next to us was a toddler who was smushing his face up against the frosted glass dividers so my husband would tap on our side of the glass.


The service was friendly, but our waitperson disappeared for a bit. Not to worry – lots of friendly extras who were glad to lend a hand. As we were leaving, the Manager called a goodbye and said, “We appreciate your business.” Very nice touch!

Of course, classy folk we are, we check out the bathrooms. If it’s funny, we’ll post it here. If it’s not, we’ll spare you. Love the placement of the “From Here to Eternity” picture right over the diaper changing station. We get it – cause and effect?


As good friends do, we’ll tell you how much it was….


By the way, they offer free WiFi, which we always like so we can post our pictures.  Thank you!

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